About Us

Beer’s been around a long time (at least 7,000 years, actually), but it wasn’t until the Roman Empire wandered over to the British Isles (roughly 2,000 years ago) that the first public houses began to appear. The system of roads established by the Romans allowed for viable “tabernae” to take hold, offering refreshments to those using the road network. These watering holes quickly became bustling third spaces – not home (first), not work (second), but a third place to anchor oneself, get revitalized with a tasty ale, and chat with other energized (buzzed) locals.

At Ogopogo, that’s what we strive to be. The road networks of Los Angeles are like the Roman Empire playing SimCity on speed, and we’re your break from the action. Come in and grab a house-brewed beer, or something from one of our rotating local taps, a slice of pizza, and relax. Consider us your home-near-home; just an extension of your neighborhood. Play some board games, shuffleboard, quote Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks, whatever you’re feeling.

As a third space we’re the anchor of the community – a place where families, friends, singles, and generally just locals can come and take a load off. Beer is the cornerstone of civilization. If you don’t believe us, just ask us when we’re drinking. It built the pyramids, settled the new world, and helps make new humans every day. Without beer, those roads in the British Isles would have been abandoned right off the bat. Take a break from the highways. Come walk over to Ogopogo, meet old friends, and make new ones.